Meet Dee Daniels

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"Who are you people, and how did you get in my house", says Dee. "Actually, I'm kind of glad you're here...I don't get many visitors and I'm tired of talking to myself."

Dee grew up in southern Missouri, but has been on the move since an early incident with the government caused him to go into hiding.

"I actually worked at KIX for quite a few years before moving out of the area." It only recently came back up in his witness-relocation program's rotation to return. "It's great to be back", says Dee (if that is his real name)

He suffers from a strange and rare disorder that prevents him from sleeping at night, and causes a uncontrollable urge to play country songs on broadcast airwaves. Scientists are still struggling to properly diagnose it.

Dee says, "As of now the only prescription is more cowbell."