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I didn't used to be someone who had dreams about my wedding dress. I wanted something simple and traditional, but more than anything I just couldn't wait to marry my best friend.

And then I went dress shopping at Sara Loree's in Pittsburg. The ladies at Sara Loree's are so sweet, and truly experts at 1) making you feel comfortable, 2) making you feel special, and 3) finding dresses that flatter your shape and size.

thought I knew what I wanted... until I tried on a dress picked out for me that I never thought I'd be interested in, and wouldn't ya know, I became someone who really cared about her wedding dress. In honesty? I was moved to tears. I felt so beautiful. I felt like a bride. And I truly credit that to the experience as a whole at Sara Loree's.

No matter what you're looking for in a dress, no matter how you feel about that dress or even just wedding dress shopping... I guarantee you'll have a special, fun experience at Sara Loree's.

10/10 recommend!