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Catch MJ middays from 10am – 2pm on KIX 102.5 and you can hear him feature this week’s newest music every Sunday night from 10p-Midnight on the New Music Showcase! You can also catch MJ Live EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT spinning at CLUB KIX at BUFFALO RUN CASINO!

“I’m a live music fanatic. I’ll go watch live music of most any kind at most anywhere. It could be an acoustic duo at a coffeehouse or a band like Rascal Flatts at an outdoor amphitheater or most anything in between. It’s all good. I’ve got to admit that one of my favorite parts of being in radio is the concerts and I’m lucky enough to go to at least one every week. Every Friday night, I head to Buffalo Run Casino for the Club KIX concert series. I host the afterparty each week full of dancing and great music.

I love most any type of music but my favorite is what gets labeled as Red Dirt Music. My favorite band is Eli Young Band and favorite solo act is Wade Bowen. Other favs include Reckless Kelly, Bart Crow Band, Randy Rogers Band, Jackson Taylor, and Jeremy McComb.

I finally got satellite tv so I now know what everyone’s been talking about in regards to DVR. Great invention! When I watch tv, a lot of what I watch is music or sports related. I love Friday Night Lights and am extremely stoked that it’s on again. I like Heroes, Trauma, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Singing Bee (although I sometimes wonder how they can get some of those lyrics wrong).

I’m very loyal so nobody will ever be able to sway me from my love of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oklahoma Sooners, or Chicago White Sox no matter how bad they are doing (and 2009 is a bad year for them all).

Thank you for listening and thank you for supporting live music.”