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Six people were arrested Friday morning (3/27) after Pittsburg Police found marijuana-based food, marijuana and butane hash oil at a home on West Lindburg.  Pittsburg Police tell News Talk KZRG 22-year-old Dustin Matz of Pittsburg is being charged with felony distribution of marijana and drug paraphernalia.  The other five, 21-year-old James Young of Paola, 20-year-old Joshua Watson of Pittsburg, 21-year-old Jordan Trout of Pittsburg, 20-year-old Mariah Sanchez of Pittsburg and 22-year-old Shaylene Mason of Pittsburg, are being charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 
As an organization that wouldn't be able to thrive without the hard work of their volunteers, the American Red Cross see's heroes walk among us everyday. Friday, they honored six special people within our community that have done extraordinary things for others. Red Cross Chairman Alvin Boan tells News Talk KZRG about a few of the Everyday Heroes.

"We'll have police officers
Expanding Medicaid is something that's been debated in Missouri for years.  Thursday night (3/26), there was a town hall meeting in Joplin to push for Medicaid expansion.  Jessica Adams with the Missouri Budget Project tells News Talk KZRG expanding Medicaid would free money in the state budget.

"By transferring folks from Medicaid eligibility categories where the state is responsible to 40% to 100% of the care, we would transfer those folks into populations where the state would only be responsible for 10% of their care."

Other speakers pointed out that 300,000 uninsured Missourians are stuck because they make too much money to be on Medicaid but not enough to afford a plan in the Obamacare Marketplace. 

Adams went on to say that Missouri can't afford not to expand Medicaid.  "The $100 million a year we would save through Medicaid expansion would be really valuable to the state.  That money could be used on all sorts of other things that we value in the state of Missouri and we see that savings as a real win for the state of Missouri."
The City of Joplin will be seeing its former master developer in court. 


"The City of Joplin has filed suit against Wallace Bajjali Development Partners, as well as David Wallace and Costa Bajjali individually, for breach of contract, fraud, and several related counts arising out of their failure to perform in the City of Joplin."


Joplin City Attorney
What's going to become of the temporary Mercy Hospital Joplin?  It's going to be the home of the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences' College of Osteopathic Medicine.  The University announced Thursday (3/26) it would open a campus in Joplin...and Mercy plans to donate the land to KCUMB.  Joplin Mayor Mike Seibert:  "That became apparent that that was a realistic possibility.  I'm just very grateful for Mercy for their gift, and also very proud of Freeman for being a partner in this project."

Seibert tells News Talk KZRG having both Mercy and Freeman as partners in the medical school is a great accomplishment for the community.  He also calls the medical school a game-changer for Joplin's economy.  "The first year that they open the med school, they will introduce 150 med students and it grows exponentially from that.  And so the numbers for the economic impact are really impressive."

The campus is expected to open in 2017.
Interested in graphics, gadgets, games and old-school comics books?  You'll want to check out Pittsburg State University's G3 Expo Saturday (3/28) at the Kansas Technology Center.  Akram Taghavi-Burris, PSU assistant professor of graphics and imaging technolgies, tells News Talk KZRG what they'll have.

"Computer graphics, gadgets in the way of mobile apps and games.  Because all these industries work together to develop the graphics that we see from movies to video games to online apps."

This year's theme is old-school comic books.  Taghavi-Burris says the graphics and imaging technologies students chose comic books as the theme.  "And they wanted to highlight the comic as part of how it's evolved now with graphics.  Because we do a lot of digital art now, which is used in the comic industry."

It's an all-day event starting at 9am at the Kansas Technology Center at 909 East Ford.  You can pre-register for the event through this link: http://g3x.psugit.com
Guilty.  Thursday afternoon (3/26), a Jasper County jury found Jeffrey Bruner guilty of first degree murder and armed criminal action in the death of Missouri Southern assistant football coach Derek Moore in November 2013.  Jasper County Prosecutor Dean Dankelson tells News Talk KZRG about the verdict.

"The jury was out just less than three hours, but returned its verdict of murder in the first degree and armed criminal action.  Murder in the first degree carries a mandatory penalty of life in prison without the possibility of probation or parole."

The jury also recommended Bruner serve a five year sentence on his armed criminal action charge.  The 41-year-old Springfield man shot Moore when Moore went to a movie with Bruner's estranged wife. 

If you're wondering why this wasn't a death penalty case, Dankelson explains Missouri law has 17 circumstances where the death penalty would apply--and none of them fit in Bruner's case.  "Things such as: the victim was a police officer, or more than one victim was killed or the defendant had a serious assaultive criminal past.  None of those existed in this case."

Bruner will be sentenced May18th.
The Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences’ (KCU) College of Osteopathic Medicine, the largest medical school in Missouri and 10th largest medical school in the country, has received approval from the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) to develop an additional medical school campus in Joplin. KCU plans to serve an additional 150 students per year in the
MoDOT broke ground on a new interchange at I-44/I-49 and Prigmore road in Joplin which will give motorists direct access from the interstate to the Crossroads Industrial Park. MoDOT Distric Engineer Becky Baltz gives News Talk KZRG the specifics on the "Dog Bone" design.

"At each end of the bridge, we'll have a roundabout. It's the perfect design for this location
The recent state audit for the Joplin School District found that the District's general fund and capital fund balances have dropped sharply since fiscal year 2012.  Some see that as bad financial management by the Board.  Joplin Superintendent CJ Huff disagrees.


"We've got to stop talking about these fund balance issues being a negative thing. We've
The prosecution has rested its case in Jeffrey Bruner's first degree murder trial.  Bruner is accused of killing Missouri Southern assistant football coach Derek Moore outside a Joplin movie complex in November 2013.  The defense began presenting its case Wednesday (3/25)...and is expected to continue on Thursday (3/26).