Meet J-Dub

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"My life has always been a quest for a world where the words to the songs are true", says J-Dub. "Actually, I only wish I came up with that; it was really Hugh Hefner that first said it....and don't ask me what publication I found it in."

J-Dub grew up in the Little Rock area, but his missionary parents moved him to Kenya in Africa at the age of 10. "I'm the only Kenyan in Country Radio", he says. He came to the Four-States after high school and got into radio soon after posting bail.

"I actually worked at KIX for quite a few years before moving out of the area." It only recently came back up in his witness-relocation program's rotation to return. "It's great to be back", says J-Dub (if that is his real name)

He suffers from a strange and rare disorder that prevents him from sleeping at night, and causes a uncontrollable urge to play country songs on broadcast airwaves. Scientists are still struggling to properly diagnose it.

J-Dub says, "As of now the only prescription is more cowbell."