Father of Senator Cruz Speaks in Neosho

The father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Pastor Rafael Cruz was in Neosho Tuesday night as Newton County republicans opened their new headquarter in the Square. Concerned with by the negative impact the Carter administration was having on the country in the late 70's, Cruz became involved with Reagan's campaign. He tells News Talk KZRG the current administration is just as frightening .

"We have now, with Barack Obama, a disastrous presidency as we did with Jimmy Carter. We are seeing our economy in shambles, and more people out of work."

Cruz says, instead of blaming the current administration, republicans need to get to work.

"We have to realize, that instead of complaining, we need to become a part of the solution. We can't do that by sitting around. The first thing we need to do is make sure we vote for men, and women of principle."

As part of the event, homemade pies were auctioned off to raise funds for the republican party. One of the pies sold for $500.

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