Brownback Visits Pittsburg School

Students and staff in the Pittsburg School District are proud to show off their improved reading and math scores since becoming the beta testing site for Governor Sam Brownback's Save the Children Program in 2012. Over the past two years, the district implemented a Multi-Tiered System of Support. Meadowlark Elementary Principal, Becky Bedene explains.

"It's called multi-tiered for a reason. We have different levels of needs for kids, and all kids go to an MTSS group, whether they're needing intense support , or they're on the other end, and need enrichment."

Governor Brownback tells News Talk KZRG these programs are crucial for success.

"The state has invested a lot of federal tanf dollars in this, and we've done this because if people can read, they can graduate from high school, and the likelihood of them being successful goes up substantially."

Under the umbrella of MTSS are other programs that the district has implemented as well. FAST, Family And Schools Together, which gets parents more involved in their child's school work, and JAG, a college prep program for at risk high school students.

The district's statistics show that 525 Kindergarten through second grade students are now at their targeted reading level or above.

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