Heartland Pet Products and Blue Buffalo Celebrate Plant Opening

Heartland Pet Products and Blue Buffalo pet food celebrated the completion of their new facility in Joplin Wednesday morning. The 415,000 square foot facility will employ 150 people. Blue Buffalo Founder, Bill Bishop tells News Talk KZRG they chose to build in Joplin because of the city's resiliency.

"We like the spirit in people that says, 'hey we can take a hit', and get up, and keep coming back because Blue Buffalo has taken some hits along the way, and we've always come back. The ethic that we have, and the ethic that Joplin has is a perfect fit."

The city also couldn't have been more proud that they chose Joplin. Mayor Mike Seibert believes their committment to Joplin will only the door for more industries to follow.

"I think it really sends a great, powerful message to other industries that are trying to find that signal to move forward. Hopefully this is the get-off-the-fence indicator that Joplin is that place to come and invest in."

In addition to Blue Buffalo's committment to the highest quality pet food, they're also a big supporter of keeping pets healthy. The company started a foundation that supports pet cancer research, donating more than $7 million to the fund.