Mercy Joplin Responds to Photo Controversy

A Mercy hospital in Springfield came under fire this week after a controversy erupted over a mother taking a photo of her son while he was receiving care was then told she must leave the property for violating hospital rules. News Talk KZRG reached out to Mercy Hospital in Joplin to see if they have similar policies, and this is their response:

"Mercy understands patients mark milestones in our facilities and want to capture those moments. We also understand how many of our patients want to share those photos in very public forums. Our photography, videography and recording policy is not intended to prohibit patients from activities such as taking a picture of their child within the privacy of a patient room. It is meant to protect patients, visitors, co-workers and medical staff who do not wish to appear in someone else’s picture and/or have that picture published on public sites. In this instance, the provider believed she was in the picture and did not want to be photographed or appear on a public website."

"The actions of Mercy co-workers in this situation, while they may have been well intended, are certainly not the service we want our patients and families to experience. We have expressed our apologies to the patient’s mother. Because of the confusion this situation has caused and the fact that our security personnel misspoke, we are reviewing both our policy, the education about our policy we provide to our co-workers and the way the policy is enforced."

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