Koster Stumps for "Right to Farm" Amendment

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster came to Webb City Wednesday to voice his support of a "right to farm" amendment that will be on the Missouri Ballot August 5th. Koster tells News Talk KZRG his support comes out of concerns he's developed after the passage of a 2010 "puppy mill" amendment.

"Proposition B limited any dog-breeding business in Missouri to a maximum of 50 dogs. Any arbitrary limit on the size of a business, no matter how well that business is operated, seems, frankly, absurd and shocking."

Koster added that Proposition 1, if passed, would prevent out-of-state interests from dictating what Missouri farmers could do with their operations and livestock.

"In an electoral contest, an overreaching regulation such as a provision that would cap any producer at a certain level of success is something that, to my knowledge, no other industry has had to endure."

Koster cited a California law that specifically stipulates how Missouri farmers should raise their chickens; a law that Koster is currently fighting in the courts.

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