Nixon Signs Legislation Bringing Faster Help to MO Following Disasters

Governor Nixon signed the Facilitating Business Rapid Response to State Declared Disasters Act into law. It'll now allow utility companies to come in and get to work right away after a state of emergency or major disaster is declared by the president or governor, instead of losing up to a day and half of work filing the proper paper work to work in Missouri. State Representative Bill White tells News Talk KZRG they'll still have to file in their home state.

"It is not a scenario where they are not going to pay taxes. They're not going to pay taxes to Missouri, but whatever state they come from, they'll be responsible for all of their withholdings, workers comp. All that sort of thing will just be dealt with in their home state."

White says he was actually asked by the Department of Revenue to carry the bill.

"They really felt it was a wash. It's not a money losing thing for Missouri. Often when you see these people come in, it costs more to do all of the paperwork than it does in the tax we collect because it is such a short duration."

White says the law only applies to companies working within the state 10 before to 60 days after a disaster is declared.

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