Neosho Kicks Off City Celebration With Air Show

Celebrate Neosho is taking place tomorrow at the Neosho Hugh Robinson Memorial Airport. Stunt Pilot Matt Younkin will be soaring over the city in a World War II Cargo Beech 18 aircraft. He'll take off at 4 to drop sky divers, with a stunt show starting at 6, and a night show at 9:30. Younkin tells News Talk KZRG what you can expect to see at both shows.

"Loops, rolls, Cuban eights, and then around 9:30 when it gets dark, we're going to hang 50 lights on it, play some creepy music, and do a night time show."

The pilot of nearly 20 years tells says he still gets a rush every time he takes off.

"Well, you know, you always get a little bit nervous, but what I do with the airplane is very calculated. I've built a lot of safety outs into my routine. You plan for the worst, hope for the best, and it usually turns out to be a great day."

Both shows are free. The air shows are a kick-off to the city's Independence Day festivities.

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