Baxter Springs Recovery Update

Recovery efforts are moving along in Baxter Springs following a tornado that struck the city April 27th. Since that time, the city has put together a Long Term Recovery Committee to define a new vision for the city. They met with the public Tuesday night to discuss goals, as well as receive input from the community. Chairwoman Jen Smith shared some of the public's concerns with News Talk KZRG.

"They were asking questions like, 'I'm a renter, what resources are available to me?', inquiring to whether or not more rentals are going to be built."

Others were concerned with where the funds to rebuild were going to come from since the city will not be receiving any money from FEMA.
Smith says without the funds they'll be able to rebuild the way they want to. She shared the committee's  vision for the city.

"We have a rare opportunity right now to kind of reinvent the city. We want to take full advantage of that, to take a new look at what our downtown is going to look like, what our city and community is going to look like, and be able to make some improvements while we have this opportunity."

For now, Smith says their main goal is to focus on making sure all debris is cleared and helping homeowners rebuild. If you need assistance with debris removal, call Jen Smith at 417-680-4136.

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