Joplin Officials Comment on City's Recovery

After a tornado blew through Joplin three years ago, everyone agreed the city wouldn't be the same. Mayor Michael Seibert tells News Talk KZRG that in a way, it actually started a process that made Joplin a safer city now than it was before the storm.

"A lot of the new construction, a lot of the builders offer safe rooms in their building design, there's been a lot of retrofitting of homes for that, new buildings have hurricane straps holding the roof to the building, and we gave out thosuands of weather radios. I do believe we're a safer community now."

Seibert also compliments News Talk KZRG and the rest of the local media in its coverage of the storm and its aftermath, saying people are being kept better informed now.

Councilman Mike Woolston was mayor during the first year of the storm's aftermath, and tells News Talk KZRG he thinks the city's recovering well.

"The total estimates of the damage early on was just under $3-billion. For us to have made up a third of that (in building permit sales) just three years later is really substantial. The private sector development is probably well ahead of the public sector development, but there is more red tape to go through. Things are going pretty well. I know the pubilc's concerned that things aren't going quickly enough."

Most of the properties impcted by the storm have since either rebuilt or announced plans to do so.

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