Stained Glass Theater Receives $75,000 Rebuild Grant

The Stained Glass Theater of Joplin was thrilled to accept $75,000 from the Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri to rebuild their theater after being destroyed by tornado three years ago. Foundation Chairman Stephanie Howard says they were chosen because the theater offers great family entertainment, as well as support for those looking to get involved in theater. She tells News Talk KZRG why $75,000 was the magic number.

"That's what they needed for their rebuild. We also did a matching grant to help them leverage and be able to get more money out there. It was just a matter of giving what they needed to get started."

The theater's Board of Directors President, Gregg Murdock tells News Talk KZRG how much more  they'd like to raise.

"Ultimately what we'd love to raise is $500,000, which would allow us to not only to renovate the building and create the intimate theater we're hoping to have, but would allow us to do some expansion, and expand parking."

The Stained Glass Theater's new home will be located at 21st Street and Annie Baxter in Joplin.