Long Comments on Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission moved forward yesterday on new regulations for the Internet that watchdog groups say could be used by Internet Service Providers to charge content providers like Netflix more money to keep up their current speeds. Missouri Congressman Billy Long tells News Talk KZRG he can see the point.

"Several different ways you can look at it, but the Internet has what you could look at as a highway, with slower lanes and faster passing lanes. These companies want to keep open the passing lanes, if they can and are able to."

However, Long adds that the government should adopt a "hands off" approach with the Internet, rather than over-regulate. The new regulations are now open for public comment.

"I've always been hands-off the Internet, I think we should let it flourish and just stay away."

Critics of the FCC plan also say it could be used by some internet service providers to throttle connections to competitors' websites, which the FCC denies.

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