Quapaw The Day After

"Yeah, it was crazy, the first window exploded and when I heard that wind, I thought--tornado!"Jackie Wilkerson of Quapaw tells News Talk KZRG there wasn't much time to react to Sunday's tornado.  "I didn't have time to get scared, it happened too quick. I dove to the floor.  I didn't drop, I dove because I knew the rest of the windows (were) going to go when I heard that wind."

Wilkerson wasn't hurt. His home was one of about 60 buildings in Quapaw that had some type of damage.

Quapaw Tribal Chairman John Berrey tells News Talk KZRG some 200 people waited out the storm by going to the Tribe's new wellness center.   "I think people were aware that there were storms coming. The National Weather Service had been stating for the last three or four days that there was a potential of some dangerous weather here. We're getting used to knowing what it looks like when it gets scary."

Berrey says if you want to make a donation to the people of Quapaw, you can take it to the wellness center at 907 Whitebird. He says they're also working with the American Red Cross and Oklahoma Emergency Management.

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