Neosho Appoints Attorney for Ethics Board

In light of Neosho's city attorney Steve Hays removing himself from any involvement with the ethics board that's investigating two city council members, the city  is hiring a new attorney to offer legal counsel to the  ethics board until those complaints are resolved. The council appointed Attorney Bill McCaffre of Nevada. Mayor Richard Davidson tells News Talk KZRG why he was the best candidate.

"Mr. McCaffree being from Nevada is far enough away from Neosho that he's not involved in any of the day to day activities here and has no commitments or interests in Neosho."

Davidson says they're also going to be very clear in their contract with the new attorney, because they don't want to see a repeat of the problems Joplin is facing.

"I made those points to the city manager this morning. First of all, whatever you and McCaffree agree with, bring it back to the council for former approval before anything happens. Any potential increase or any abnormalities that he feels may cause the cost to ride above the original estimate need to be brought up to the council in advance."

The city manager is now putting together a contract which will then have to be approved by the city council before the board can move forward with their scheduled hearings. Davidson says they're anticipating a budget of $2,500 for McCaffree's services.

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