Joplin Council to Vote for Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Spots

The Joplin City Council is expected to choose a new Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem in a special meeting on Monday. Former Mayor and newly-re-elected Alderman Mike Woolston tells News Talk KZRG whether or not there will be a new mayor come Tuesday morning, or if Melodee Colbert Kean will retain her position:

"Typically in my experience in the past 12 years, there's a lot of lobbying by people interested in that position in the week between the election and the special session. I don't know how many people have interest, but hopefully we can elect a Mayor that everyone can support."

As for whether or not he'd want the job again:

"I don't know. I've got mixed feelings. Of course, my experience is different than anyone else's due to the tornado. It was a bittersweet experience for me. I'm anxious to get the city back on track, whatever part I can play in that."

Monday's meeting will also feature the swearing in of two new Council members: Miranda Lewis and Ryan Stanley.