Joplin Council Votes To Release Loraine Report

The City of Joplin release the complete Loraine Report Friday afternoon.  Read the full report here.


The Joplin City Council reversed course Thursday, voting in a special meeting to release all of the report prepared by investigator Tom Loraine, as a Jasper County Judge ordered them to do earlier this week. The vote was 6-3. Joplin Mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean tells News Talk KZRG there were concerns about releasing the entire report.

"Some of the discussion was about how far to go to protect the employees.  Because when you give things and statements under confidentiality and they were under the Garrity (a legal ruling that requires public officials to give information to investigators or face criminal action for not answering), that is a certain confidentiality that you give them in their personnel records. Well, six people on the Council didn't see it that way and said to release it all."

Colbert-Kean was one of the three who voted against releasing the report, along with Trisha Raney and Dr. Benjamin Rosenberg. Joplin City Attorney Brian Head, who earlier this week told News Talk KZRG he disagreed with the Judge's decision, was not available for comment.

Councilman Mike Woolston told News Talk KZRG why he voted to go along with the Judge's order.  "I just think the public has such an interest in seeing what's in that report, and there were some concerns on the other side of the issue as well.  But I felt like the public's right to know overrode those concerns for me, personally."

NewsTalk KZRG will file a records request first thing this morning for the previously withheld portion of the Loraine investigative report.