Local Business Man Speaks Against City Investiagtion

Four State Homes Owner Charlie Kuehn is fed up with investigator Tom Loraine and his report detailing his refusal to cooperate in the city's investigation as a sign that he has something to hide. Kuehn says there was nothing illegal about his purchasing of land at 20th and Connecticut after the May 2011 tornado and using councilman Mike Woolston as his realtor long before there were ever any talks with working with Wallace Bajjali or the Joplin Redevelopment Corporation. He tells News Talk KZRG why he chose not to participate in the investigation that was supposed to be about a couple of city councilmen.

"It was quite clear to me that the investigation with Tom Loraine was off-track the first moment that I met him. I found myself in the middle of a political witch hunt and I saw no reason to get in the middle of such a situation, and decided not to be a part of the process."

Kuehn went on to say that Loraine's accusations are now hurting his reputation.

"Not only did Loraine go off-script in investigating me, but he also decided to make judgements against me declaring me a fraud, conspirator, and unethical ." 

Kuehn has requested a full copy of the Loraine report, but says the city refuses to provide it to him. He says he's also considering taking legal action against Loraine for his unfounded allegations.

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