Emergency Management Offers Tips In Event of Severe Weather

Severe weather could be moving through the Four States later today and tomorrow, so it's critical you have a plan of action to take cover. Joplin Emergency Management Director Keith Stammer tells News Talk KZRG what do incase you're out and about when a storm hits.

"The rule is pretty simple and straight forward. Inside beats outside. So if you're out driving and you hear the sirens or think there may be a reason for you to seek shelter, find a building to get into. It's much better than being out in the vehicle by itself."

If you're at home, have your plan of shelter already figured out, such as finding a safe place in an interior room such as a bathroom or closet. It's always best to be on the lowest floor, and have a kit with the necessities prepared as well, including a battery operated radio and flashlight.  

In the event of severe weather, keep it tuned to FM 102.9 AM1310 for the latest live coverage and sign up for our text alerts at NewsTalkKZRG.com.

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