Local Residents Recognized as Everyday Heroes

Friday, local heroes were celebrated at a banquet sponsored by the Greater Ozarks Chapter of the American Red Cross. Six people were selected as this year's recipients of the Everyday Heroes Award. Among them, a police sergeant from Granby who saved the life of a baby that was chocking on a bottle cap. Sgt. Ron Greer tells News Talk KZRG he only did what he hopes others would do.

"We get called a lot of things in law enforcement and hero usually isn't one of them. You know, I did what I'd like to think everyone else would have done. I am grateful for the accolades, but you know, this really isn't why we do this."

Another recipient was Kristi Seibert. After battling breast cancer and beating the odds, Seibert vowed to be a support system for her fellow Pink Sisters in their time of crisis. By working for the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, Kristi is able to not only provide emotional support, but fund raise to provide financial support for those that are going through the fight. She says this award is for all of her Pink Sisters.
"I believe we're all heroes, you know? Anybody that has to go through this disease, it's an incredibly difficult process. And so that's where the support comes in with our Pink Sisters because with one another, we know what each other is going through."

Other recipients include Jerrod Hogan with Rebuild Joplin. Robin Childs for rescuing a grandmother, and her three grandchildren from a burning home. John Lair for his work with the Special Olympics, and Wade Atkeson for his help with the elderly and disabled in his community.