FTC Culinary Students Compete for Title of Master Chef

The culinary students at Franklin Tech are throwing down in the kitchen this week for the title of Master Chef in a reality TV style competition . The students are timed and must work together in teams to create dishes that wow the judges based on presentation, taste, and creativity. Senior Culinary Instructor Jennifer Barksdale tells News Talk KZRG about this year's theme.

"This year it was the flavors of our 50 states, so they researched the states and then had to choose three recipes that reflect each state's personality."

Joplin High Senior and Franklin Tech culinary student Tyler Curry says the competition will improve their skills.

"It's really just for the experience of working under pressure and trying to do really good, but at the same time, we'll keep a strong bond within the class."

The judges panel includes chefs from Instant Karma, Eagle Drive Inn and the Red Onion. The final leg of the competition will take place on Friday when the morning class' winning team challenges the afternoon class winners.