"No Refusal" Checkpoint Usage to Increase

Last weekend, Joplin Police held a DWI checkpoint on North Main near the Ozark Christian College campus.  That particular checkpoint was also a "no refusal" checkpoint.  Joplin Police Sergeant Rusty Rives tells News Talk KZRG what that means:

"We actually had a representative from the prosecutor's office, and a judge there on the scene. If someone were to refuse to submit to a breath test, which they're required to do by law, then we would get an instant warrant to get that blood test. The one thing we're trying to do is collect evidence."

Rives says at least one person was served with a search warrant last weekend for those blood results. He adds the no refusal checkpoints are being used more and more to get people to plan ahead and either use a designated driver or not drink and drive.

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