Recycling Measure Set for April 8th Joplin Ballot

Voters in Joplin will be giving their feedback on a citywide recycling proposal next month. Joplin Recycling Coordinator Mary Anne Phillips tells News Talk KZRG how it works:

"It's just the residents who have trash services through the City. The trucks are automated, you'll be provided with a polycarbonate cart, and all of your recyclables will go in one cart. No need to sort."

The vote on April 8th will be non-binding; Phillips says if it fails, supporters will most likely try again in the future, though the Council could just decide to move forward anyway.

"Legally, they could, but I don't look for that to happen. I think we would just renegotiate the contract, renegotiate the price."

If passed, an eventual recycling program would cost Joplin residents with trash service an extra $3.03 per month.

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