Seibert: Questions, Consequences of Rohr Firing Linger

Former Joplin Mayor Mike Woolston told News Talk KZRG recently that some companies are steering clear of Joplin after the controversy over the firing of former City Manager Mark Rohr. Councilman Mike Seibert (SIGH-burt) tells News Talk KZRG he's not surprised.

"Joplin would be one of many locations that a new business would be considering. If there's a 'tap out' factor involved, then those companies and businesses have moved on."

He says that's why it's important for the City to find a way to move past the situtation. Seibert was one of four who voted against Rohr's termination, and also voted against paying a higher-than-expected bill for investigator Tom Loraine's services, which he says he still has problems with:

"I'm struggling with the fact that at some point in time, we were not notified as a council - as an entire council - that this thing was going way, way over (the budgeted price)."

The City's contract with Loraine states that any expenses over $45,000 would have to be approved first by the Council. There's no public record of such approval coming prior to their payment of the final $82,000 bill.

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