Letter: Extra Investigation Costs Allegedly Approved by City Attorney

Joplin City Attorney Brian Head authorized an investigator looking into allegations against two Joplin City Council members to expand his search to former City Manager Mark Rohr. That's according to a letter from investigator Tom Loraine, obtained by News Talk KZRG today through an open records request. Loraine also writes that Head assured him authorization for a higher bill than the contracted $45,000 "would not be a problem." Loraine also suggested firing Rohr without cause.

You can find the full letter here.

**UPDATE at 11:21AM**

Head has responded to News Talk KZRG's request for comment, saying those reports are in error and that what Loraine's letter says is different from what actually happened:

"What I said (in concern to expanding the investigation) was I could not make the determination, but that the contract gave him wide latitude. I did not specifically tell him to investigate, and I specifically did not tell him not to investigate. If I had done either of those things, I would be influencing the investigation, which I did not do."

On the subject of authorizing the additional costs: "In a letter on January 15th, Loraine suggested that we get additional authority (regarding the costs). I never received it. It came as an email, and was not found until the last billing was received, because it ended up in my trash in my email. I never said 'yes, you can go beyond your dollar figure.'"

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