Rebuild Joplin Brings Another Family Home

News Talk KZRG has followed the rebuilding process for Nancy Morrow, a great grandmother who's home was destroyed in the May 2011 tornado, from it's groundbreaking last fall, to it's completion and welcome ceremony Friday morning. Sharon Lindsey, who started working with Rebuild Joplin around the same time that Nancy contacted the organization tells News Talk KZRG Nancy made the learning process a lot easier.

"It was really hard at first, and it took people like Nancy who would come sit down in my office and  tell a story and I could get that personal connection. It's so much more than just the face and the name on the application."

Nancy Morrow tells News Talk KZRG she also had a wonderful experience with Rebuild Joplin.

"I would drive by and see the progress and it was just that I knew one day I would be home. These people are wonderful. They listen to you and they help you."

In addition to the Tulsa Community Foundation contributing to the project, volunteers from Sunrise United Methodist Church in St. Louis, Farmers Insurance, local college students, and Solid Rock Carpenters helped rebuild Nancy's home. To date, Rebuild Joplin has brought 125 families home.

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