Rand Paul Speaks in Springfield

"Your government is out of control, literally out of control. We've gotta get it back."

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was in Springfield Saturday night speaking to Republicans at the annual Lincoln Days Dinner, a Republican convention, about the nations problems, and he offered these solutions to grow the party, to take back control.

"So if we talk about school choice, economic freedom zones in areas of poverty, and also try to talk about making our drug laws more fair to everybody, I think we really have a chance to grow our base and who we really attract in our party."

Paul believes GOP policies should be for offering big tax breaks to the poor, be more accepting of non-traditional party members, and when it comes to the war on drugs, sentences need to be more fair across the board.

Senator Roy Blunt followed with the big party/ big ideas was the theme. Blunt criticized Obama's policies, believing the president has waged a war on the poor, and in order to get America back to the way it should be, the Republicans need to take back control. He tells News Talk KZRG the solution.

"The way we get to see America defined by freedom, and the constitution, and opportunity is to tell that story more effectively. Grow our party, multiply who we are, and that's why we need leaders that bring people together. Leaders that attract more people to us than we had the last time."

Other speakers included Auditor Tom Schweich, Congressman Billy Long, and special guest, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

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