Jason Burns Named Next Joplin Police Chief

The City of Joplin has named Assistant Police Chief Jason Burns as the City's next Police Chief. Outgoing Chief Lane Roberts announced last week he would be retiring at the end of March after 7 years as chief; Burns has served with the Joplin Police Department since 1996 and has been assistant chief since 2008. Burns tells News Talk KZRG he's learned a lot from Roberts:

"When I first started out we took people to jail and didn't really think about how that affects people. We look at that more, and try to treat people as people, and I think that's a great thing. I'm excited to get to this position, I've worked my entire career to get here and I think I'll be able to utilize the knowledge of the past chiefs in the future."

He also says crime prevention will be a goal:

"We've been going into a positive direction under Chief Roberts. We've reduced crime and accidents, so I want to continue in that direction, but I also want to change focus a bit. We can't remain stagnant, so I think the future direction of the JPD will be focused more on crime analysis and seeing if we can predict crimes before they happen, and in turn lower the crime rate."