Rohr Responds to City Council Closed Session Motion

The following was emailed to News Talk KZRG by Joplin City Manager Mark Rohr, in response to the Joplin City Council's vote during a closed session meeting Monday night on whether to ask for his resignation. The vote fell short, with four voting yes, three voting no, and two abstaining.

I was both surprised and confused by what happened the other night;
a)  First of all, I had just received a merit raise back in April or May of this year.
b)  We are known for setting the national standard for disaster response and recovery.
c)  Some 86% of the homes and 90% of the businesses impacted by the tornado, have either been rebuilt or have plans/permits to do so.
d)  I have helped secure an additional 192 million dollars in aid for Joplin to build on the above numbers. We have not yet started utilizing these resources.
e)  We have reduced crime 26% during the last five year time period,
f)  We have enhanced the city’s financial strength significantly during my tenure, multiplying the General Fund balance over six-fold since 2005.
g)  I have developed a plan that resulted in the redevelopment of downtown Joplin that has dramatically improved the appearance of the center city and the image of Joplin as a whole.
h)  We have constructed the Athletic Complex.
i)   We just completed building an extraordinary water park in Schifferdecker Park.
j)   In 2012, I was the only city manager in the country to be honored by a national publication as Public Official of the Year.
k)  As part of a group of officials from Joplin, I was recognized by the state for the work done following the tornado.
l)  Most rewarding to me has been the approximately 1500 or so Joplin citizens that have sent me letters, e-mails, called or stopped me in public thanking me for my work over the last two years..

I was told that the meeting was about the recent investigation into the Public Works’ Department. I understood why there might be questions surrounding that situation. It is my job to address problems within a department when they arise. It is my job and my job only to straighten those situations out and that is what I did. I have done so successfully in the past and had been complemented by several council members and others in doing so. Unfortunately, given the on-going investigation into the circumstances and individual’s legal rights to protection surrounding personnel matters, I couldn’t explain in more detail into what it was we were doing. I gave the citizens of Joplin my word, at the one week moment of silence observation held on May 29, 2011 that we would rebuild Joplin bigger and better than it was prior to the tornado and that is what we have been focused on.

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