Joplin City Manager Issues Statement about Public Works Employee

Statement from Joplin City Manager Mark Rohr:

My office was recently made aware of potential criminal activity taking place in a division of Public Works. Based on this, I ordered the Police Department to investigate. This has resulted in the filing of a misdemeanor charge against a former City employee.

The City has no tolerance for this type of activity by any of its employees. When something such as this occurs, we take it very seriously. In addition to the charge, certain structural changes need to be made within this division. Accordingly, corrective personnel actions have taken place in this area to insure that we measure up to the highest expectations our citizens expect and deserve. These actions are not taken lightly and were implemented after a thorough review and investigation.

In a separate matter, I learned of other management issues within the Building Division of Public Works. After a thorough investigation, we believe no theft has occurred, although the problems did result in a loss of revenue for the City. Again administrative changes have and will be made to rectify this situation. In handling matters such as these, I want to be as forthcoming as possible, but due to the criminal and personnel nature of these matters, I am unable to provide further details.

Overall, operations of the City remain strong. The administrative team has managed these developments in a manner to create little or no disruption within the City and for our citizens. We continue to work towards our goal of making Joplin bigger and better than it was prior to the natural disaster that struck our city in 2011.


UPDATE at 10:10am -- Joplin Police Lt. Matt Stewart identifies the employee as Jeramy B. Jasperson. He's charged with misdemeanor theft.

UDPATE at 5:45pm: Joplin Police have released more information about a City employee who's being investigated for misdemeanor theft. A car stop was conducted June 24th on Jeramy Jasperson, who worked for the City as a mechanic. A patrol officer found a bottle of refrigerant and a case of oil in Jasperson's car. Jasperson had just finished his work shift at the City Garage. Jasperson has been charged with misdemeanor theft and he no longer works for the City of Joplin.

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