Rebuild Joplin Holds Housewarming for Joplin Tornado Survivor

A Joplin woman's home is now safe to live in thanks to Rebuild Joplin. The organization held a "housewarming" for Glenda Denson on North Byers Friday afternoon. She tells News Talk KZRG she lost her home in the May 2011 tornado, and the one she bought was in extremely poor condition.
"It was a blessing. The problem with working on an old house is once you fix one thing you find three other things to fix, and they were real good about doing that. When we got the home it barely had heat, the stairs were dangerous to use... now, it's warm and safe."
Doreen Finnie of Rebuild Joplin tells News Talk KZRG Denson's story isn't an isolated one, but that doesn't make it any less happy.
"This is the wonderful part of our job. This is the part that we all work so hard, to get people like Glenda back into her home."
In all, Rebuild Joplin put 200 hours of labor into fixing up the home. Since the tornado, they've racked up 97,000 of volunteer hours, worth an estimated $2 million.

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