Woolston Told To Divest Or Resign

An investigation into allegations of wrongdoing against two Joplin City Councilmen yielded mixed results.  Investigator Tom Loraine's report found no evidence to support illegal activity by Bill Scearce when he rented a building to a bookmaker.  But Loraine suggested Mike Woolston must divest financial interests or resign from the Council.  Woolston is a realtor and there were concerns he was profiting from real estate deals. Woolston tells News Talk KZRG he's not stepping down.

"I'm comfortable, if I can make my case with the voters, I'm comfortable.  I'm up for re-election, I'm a certified candidate now, in two months. I'm going to leave it up to the voters.  I think I have a certain amount of good will  having been the Mayor, and so I'm willing to take my chances with the voters. If they think that I'm a crook, then they should vote against me."

Woolston was Joplin's Mayor from 2010 to 2012.

Woolston also said the dismissal of City Manager Mark Rohr at Tuesday's City Council meeting "didn't pass the smell test."  "There's got to be some kind of connection, and I can't prove it. But there's got to be some kind of connection in terms of..this was a coordinated effort.  You saw they had a resolution prepared, so they've been planning this for some time. I mean, that's painfully obvious.  So I jus think the public needs to get involved and I think they need to express their concerns."

While Woolston wouldn't name which Council members he was including as "they", Councilman Dr. Benjamin Rosenberg made the motion to terminate Rohr and read a motion written in legal language.  Rosenberg was not available for comment after the Council meeting.

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