Woolston Demands Copy of Investigative Report & Witness Testimony

The full report, plus witness testimony. That's what Joplin City Councilman Mike Woolston is calling for as far as investigator Tom Loraine's report on alleged wrongdoing on the City Council that led to the firing of City Manager Mark Rohr, and the recommendation of his resignation. Woolston made the demands at a press conference today. His motives for the records?

"My motive in requesting the report is due to my belief that the credibility of the city council has suffered as a result of this report and it's essential that the credibility of the council be restored."

While Woolston also mentioned that he'd like to see the details of Rohr's firing to be released, he tells News Talk KZRG it shouldn't be the only focus.

"If his issues remain as the primary focus, we'll lose sight of what must be our highest priority, and that is the tornado recovery. The tornado recovery, or the lack of it, will affect Joplin for decades to come."  

Woolston says he'd hate to see the city's legacy of being a national model of recovery to be overshadowed by city's current controversy.

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