Toxic Jerky Treats Linked to Pet Deaths

Thousands of dogs across the country are believed to have gotten sick or died over the past several years after eating toxic jerky treats imported from China, and some produced domestically. The treats involved include the chicken, duck, and sweet potato flavors. Main Street Pet Care Veterinarian, Dr. Ben Leavens tells News Talk KZRG what the FDA found in them.

"The insect repellant, deet, was found in fairly high amounts in a lot of the treats, and then a drug called Amantadine. We use it in dogs for pain control, but it's also an anti-viral drug that's used for the HIV virus."

He says a lot of it has to do with China not having the same regulations as the states in producing the products.

"Historically, China has rules, but they're sporadically enforced, and so there can be areas where either bribery has occurred, or there's just not enforcement."

Leavens says almost every brand found on shelves had been tainted, so the best way to protect your dog is to simply not buy them.