McCaskill Talks Obama Care With Small Business Owners

The McCaskill on Main Street tour brought the senator to Joplin Wednesday morning to listen to the ideas and concerns of local business owners.The topic of government mandated health care in the workplace was one concern many owners shared. Guy Voltz, owner of Cell Phone Medics in Joplin has 5 full-time employees that he'd like to offer health insurance to, but can't afford it. He says it's cheaper for his employees to buy Obama Care. Senator Claire McCaskill tells News Talk KZRG Obama Care could be fixed if both political parties worked together.

"I am perfectly willing to admit that this is not a perfect plan. There are good things. There are things we need to change, but we are handcuffed because my friends are so anxious to use this as political weapon, that they don't want to fix it. Obama Care is too powerful politically."

Under the law, Voltz is exempt, but he still feels it's ludicrous that he can't offer it to his staff. In addition to their concerns, McCaskill talked about the work she's been doing in the senate. She says her main focus is on the Infrastructure Bill.

"We're spending a lot of money to incentivize companies to come to Missouri, but they're not going to come if we are number one in the country for structurally deficient bridges, and roads that aren't being maintained. We are in the top ten now in structurally deficient bridges."

The senator is suggesting we put $50 billion worth of bonds on the market for multinational corporations to buy. Those companies would then receive a tax break while providing revenue for Missouri's roads and bridges, which McCaskill says would not raise taxes for Missourians or increase the deficit.

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