Mayor Pro Tem Bill Scearce Reacts to City Investigation

Many have been wondering if Mayor Pro Tem Bill Scearce asked and knew that former city manager Mark Rohr was going to be fired days before the council was given a review of the investigation into two city councilmen. Scearce tells News Talk KZRG he was misunderstood when said he wanted the answer "in his pocket".

"''In my pocket' is what I said, what I meant was, have it available. That's why I asked that to be prepared. I didn't know what was in the investigative report. If the investigative report had not been about Mr. Rohr and I had been mistaken, then it just wouldn't have been used."

Scearce says statements about him and councilman Mike Woolston were also prepared ahead of time in case the council sought their dismissals, but Scearce was off the hook. He tells News Talk KZRG he was ecstatic that he was cleared of any wrong-doing, but he's not happy about everything that's transpired.

"I'm not happy about the outcome of everything because it's got our city in an uproar, and people being unhappy with me because I voted to discharge Mr. Rohr. I can assure you, I did what I thought was in the best interest of the city."

When asked if he felt the investigation was worth the nearly $82,000 spent, Scearce declined to comment.

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