MO Highway Patrol Talks Unidentified Person Cases

21 years ago, a woman 30 to 45 years old was struck and killed under the US 166 overpass at I-44 just a mile east of the Oklahoma state line by a trucker who couldn't hit his brakes fast enough. The woman believed to be hitch hiking died December 25, 1993 has been listed as a Jane Doe. For years, investigators worked with other police agencies to determine her identity. At that time DNA testing was an emerging technology, so finger prints were taken and put into the national registry for missing persons. Sgt. Mike Watson with the Missouri Highway Patrol tells News Talk KZRG what's happened since that time.

"And we fast forward a few years to 2008, an order was requested to exhume the body, which was done. A DNA extractor was able to get DNA from one of her bones."

The woman still couldn't be identified after her information was placed in a national database. The case has since gone cold. Watson says although nowadays it's become easier to identify people through DNA testing, there's still over 50 people listed as Jane and John Doe's in Missouri.

"There's 57 statewide right now. In this part of the state I know we have one that's unidentified of course in Newton County that we're talking about right now,. There's one in McDonald County, and there's the most recent one which was up in Vernon County."

Here you can find more information on Missouri's unidentified persons.

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