Joplin Senator Comments on Likelihood of Tax Cuts

Tax cuts are on the table for Missouri. Joplin State Senator Ron Richard tells News Talk KZRG there are two proposals gaining momentum in the State Legislature:

"We got two bills that we're going to put on Nixon's desk. We could've overridden the veto of that tax cut from last year, but we just didn't have the votes in the House. I feel good about this year."

Richard tells News Talk KZRG disagrees with the Governor's assertion that the cuts will hurt education funding.

"There's a trigger in there where income at the state level has to rise - you know the bill says over ten years, it has to rise $100-million each year. That's a billion. The surplus will go to education, so I don't think that argument is going to fly this time."

One bill would cut income taxes on businesses, the other would cut taxes for individuals. Opponents say the measures will end up costing the state $620 million a year.

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