Joplin Mayor: City Moving Forward After Rohr's Termination

Moving forward. That's the theme behind a press release from Joplin Mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean on the controversial termination of now former City Manager Mark Rohr. She stresses that she can't comment on the details of Rohr's firing because it's a personnel matter, but adds that the City Council has "full confidence" with the City's staff on existing city projects. Read the full statement below:

Following the Joplin City Council’s termination of City Manager Mark Rohr at the Special Council Meeting held February 4, Mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean reassures the citizens that the City is moving forward and work will continue as usual.

“This was a personnel matter, and we cannot comment on the termination because it is confidential,” said Kean. “Business at the City will proceed as usual. I and the other members of the Council have full confidence in the City staff as they remain diligent to the business and projects we have before us.”

The City Council appointed Assistant City Manager Sam Anselm to serve as Interim City Manager during this time.

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