Freeman Opens Clinic in Carl Junction

Freeman is proud announce they've opened a new family practice clinic on Main Street in Carl Junction. The clinic, lead by Nurse Practitioner Tiffany Huffman and doctors Troy Eichelberger and John Paulson will be able to see up to a dozen patients a day. Huffman tells News Talk KZRG the community is loving the new location.

"Just the convenience. We've heard a lot of good things that we're so close to the school, and easy to get into. We've heard lots of positives. And we can tell with how busy we've been that it's obviously been a need."

And not only is the new clinic convenient for the community, it's good for business too. Gary Stubblefield with the Carl Junction Chamber of Commerce says they've noticed a lot more visitors in the downtown district.

"For a small town like Carl Junction, this is extremely critical. It's also great that they've located in our downtown strip because that helps revitalize the downtown traffic as well."

The clinic serves anyone from infants to the elderly.