Bump Stocks

A week ago, most people had no idea of what a bump stock is.  Today, many people know it as a device that makes a rifle fire more rapidly…and something gun control supporters want to be banned.  News Talk KZRG asked Eli Bruton, owner of the Liberty Tree gun store in Carthage, about the demand for bump stocks.
“Historically, they hadn’t been (popular).  We’ve been getting a lot of calls about them since the proposed ban.  But traditionally, they had not been a big seller.  We’ve only sold a few since we’ve been in business.”
Liberty Tree has been open for about two years.  Bruton says he thinks a ban on bump stocks would be a mistake.  “Taking rights away from people who didn’t commit the act is never the answer.  Restricting freedom never results in more safety.  That’s always the excuse.”