Morning KIX Karaoke


In case you feel the need to “punish your ears”, here’s some of Randy & Kaylee’s songs!

Back To School Back from Summer


Back to School Party


Back to School Again


Back To School What A Wonderful World


Back To School Ding Dong The Kids Are Back


Back To School I Gotta Teach 8th Graders


Back To School They’re Not Ready To Go Back


Black Friday I Learned MMA


Black Friday The Shopping Song


Christmas Deck The Halls Translated


Christmas Hello Santa


Christmas It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Friday


Christmas Strip the Walls of Copper Wire


Christmas WiFi Lights


Christmas UPS Comes Tonight


Christmas Santa’s Creepy


Christmas Here Comes Friday


Christmas Red Starbucks Cup


Christmas Friday’s Here


Christmas Influenza’s Coming To Town


Christmas Have a Holly Jolly Friday


Christmas Old Christmas Tree


Christmas Elf On The Shelf


Christmas Beginning  to Look a lot Like Monday


Cinco De Mayo My Carona


Clown on The Corner


Crazy About Elvis


Coffee Bad Breath & Coffee


Dad He’s Dad


Dad The Daddy Man Can


Dad Gift for Dad


Dad He’s Your Daddy


Earth Day Song


Easter Hollow Bunny


Easter Chicks In A Box


Easter We Got The Peeps




Elections We Just Can’t Take It


Elections You Can Buy My Vote


Elections TRUMP!


Elections Undecided


Elections The Election Slide


Elections Voting Machine


Facebook Fighting


Fall Hello Autumn


Fall Pumpkin Spice


Fall Rake ‘Em Up


Flu Got The Flu


Friday Lovin’ Friday


Friday Mentos Theme


Friday’s Are Beautiful


Friday The Weekend’s So Fun


Friday Wake Me Up When Friday’s Over


Friday Life’s Good It’s Friday


Friday Suit & Tie


Friday Muppet Theme


Friday We Finally Made It


Friday Long Weekend


Friday Hello Friday


Friday Family Guy


Friday’s About to Happen


Friday Because It’s Friday


Friday Getting Out


Friday Full House


Friday Fresh Prince


Friday It’s Friday I Love It


Gas I Bought Gas at Low Prices


Gas Expensive Gasoline


Gas I Can’t Afford To Roll


Girl Scouts It’s Cookies


Google Take The Wheel


Halloween Store


Halloween Carve Those Jack O’ Lanterns


Halloween What Does the Ghost Say


Halloween Things


Halloween Munsters


Halloween Do I Look Scary


Halloween Imma Be for Halloween


Halloween All About that Face


Halloween Mama Don’t Let Your Babies


Happy Birthday P-Diddy


Heist Heist Baby


July 4th My Yard’s On Fire


July 4th We’re Blowin’ Stuff Up


Justin Beiber Blame Canada


Lindsay Lohan Relapse Countdown


March Wake Me When Winter Ends


Mars On Mars


Mother’s Day Brunch


Mother’s Day Is Hard


Mother’s Day It’s A Mom’s Day After All


Mother’s Day She Runs the Family


Monday’s Heros


Monday’s Here


Monday I don’t Wanna Get Up


Monday Hate Mondays


Monday Really Hate You Monday Morning


Monday Snooze


Monday Worst Day of My Life


Monday Those Are Mondays


Monday Hello


Monday Is Here


Monday Flintstones


Monday I Hate Monday


Monday Feel Like Mondays Suck


Monday Back To Work Again


Monday Good Golly


Monday Bummed In My Car


Monday Blues


Monday Cops


Morning Chicken Fat


Morning Drive a Little Slower


Morning Odyssey


New Year Hello


New Year Lamest Work Week


NFL Draft


NFL Eye of the Tiger


NFL Goodbye Wife & Kids


NFL Playoffs


NFL Gambler


NSA Is Watching You Now




Pope We Love Pope Francis


Pope All About That Pope


President’s Day Thanks to the Chief


Rainy Day


Secretary’s Day Administrative Professional




Shut Down The USA


Spring Break Things


Snow Ice Dams Baby


Snow Driving In A Winter Wonderland




Snow Sick of Snow


Snow No More Snow


St Patrick’s Day Hello


St Patrick’s Day Grandma Just Passed Out


Summer Burn Burn Burn


Summer Sweaty Back


Summer Lousy TV Shows


Summer I Feel Hot


Summer Propane Grill


Summer Broilin’ Broilin’


Summer Barbequer


Summer Drought


Superbowl Nut


Superbowl Sick of the Superbowl


Superbowl Final Two


Superbowl Super Sunday’s On


Superbowl De-Flate


Superbowl It’s Superbowly


Tax Time My 1040


Tax Time My 1040 Form


Tax Time Knee Deep and Filing Taxes


Tax Time Animanitax


Thanksgiving I’m Bringin’ Turkey Back


Thanksgiving What Does the Turkey Say


Thanksgiving The Turkey Man Can


Thanksgiving Pass the Gravy


Thanksgiving Love to Eat Turkey


Thanksgiving I Love Turkey


Thanksgiving All My Drunk Relatives


Thanksgiving All About That Baste


Thanksgiving Need Some Gravy


Time Change Set It Back


TIme Change I Change the Time


Time Change Time to Change the Clock




Top Gun Maverick’s Getting Really Old


Tuesday’s Back


Tuesday 3-day Weekend


TSA God Help the TSA


Valentine’s Day Grease


Valentine’s Day Red Candy Heart


Valentine’s Day Outta Time


Wall Street I’m Broke


Winter Melty The Snowman


Winter I’ve Got Hypothermia


Winter El Nino


Winter Freezing in the USA


Wife Make Her Happy

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