Brett James

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Everything you never wanted to know about Brett James…

Brett-Man was born in Joplin and raised in Galena. It was while he was attending high school in Galena that he met and began harassing a program director at a local radio station. No kidding, Brett annoyed his way into an overnight shift! He proved to be a quick-study and a natural talent. After about eight months on the air, his voice finally changed! His program director took that opportunity to move Brett to the mid-day show. Brett spent a couple of years building his resume and honing his talent, and in 1988 moved to Zimmer Radio, specifically Kix. He is now the master of the afternoons from 2pm to 7pm.

Brett has had the pleasure of doing so many great things and meeting some really amazing people over the course of his tenure at Kix. As much as Brett loves all genres of music, he is also passionate about sports. He loves the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals, and is loyal to the KU Jayhawks. He spends much of his spare time golfing with friends and staying healthy by running…A LOT.